Pro Auctions Gives Back

We have proudly helped many people in need during the most difficult of times and circumstances…

We want to thank you for your support of Pro Auctions; your support has allowed us to help amazing people such as Ms. Vivian Perez of Bayamon, Pr. Vivian suffers from muscular dystrophy and at age 15 she lost her ability to move her legs and began using a wheelchair. This disease is degenerative and, to this day, she cannot use her limbs and has lost most of her eye site which is why she has been bedridden for more than 23 years. In recent years, Vivian suffered a respiratory disease and her life currently depends on a connection to a ventilator.

After the passing of Hurricane Maria through Puerto Rico, the power line in the area where she lives was severely impacted and, given her situation, Vivian needs electricity at all times for her ventilator and for other needed equipment.

Thankfully with the support of a generous donor and a non-profit, we were able to complete the installation of the necessary equipment to help keep Vivian alive and provide some needed hope during this most difficult and desperate moment in time.

So far, the journey of helping others has taught me two brutal truths:
  • Caregivers are most times viewed as strong people, but many times are the ones needing support during and after providing help to others.
  • The need is great to help the most vulnerable, and the effort can be overwhelming.
But far more importantly, I’ve learned two powerful truths that I hold onto:
  • The heartbreak of helping someone in need isn’t near the heartbreak of watching someone you love suffer and having the responsibility to care for that person 24/7. My personal hardship of helping Vivian and her family was greatly outweighed by the healing we know we can achieve if we let the light of our humanity shine on others.
  • God provides. God’s generosity, ability, and desire to provide has been abundantly clear, time and again, during the experience helping Vivian and many others.
Why Auctions?
What do auctions have to do with helping others? I’ve always enjoyed helping others resolve difficult problems, and auctions provide a time tested solution to the problem of buying and selling assets using a market-driven approach. So auctions reside at the core value of my belief system that markets work and that nature should be left in charge of the process of resolving problems.
Greg, how can I help?

Many caring people just don’t have the time or energy to put aside today’s challenges to identify and then provide help to those persons most in need and that is understandable.

If you want to support any future efforts, you can help by contributing money, either as a one-time payment or through a regular recurring monthly payment and Caritas Puerto Rico will see to it that it gets put to good use.

You can also provide direct support through: